Cheat Or Treat: Blackboard Nails

Ciate’s Chalkboard Manicure has been the newest trend in nail art, but at its £25 it’s definitely out of my price range. However, I couldn’t resist trying out Primark’sBlackboard Nails kit‘, especially as it was half price and a measly £2.



blackboard pen

 Like Ciate’s kit, it includes a black matte polish, nail pens and a matte top coat. The black polish is thick and gives a nice even finish –  I would happily wear it alone without using the nail pens on top. However this is where my praise for this kit ends. The pens weren’t very brightly coloured, and one of the nibs broke while I was still doing my first hand- leaving me in a sticky mess. The topcoat was far too thick and actually, I preferred the finish of the black polish to the one the topcoat gave.

That said, the black polish alone was worth the £2 I paid for the whole kit, and I’d still rather use it with my other nail art pens than pay £25 for the Ciate set.

Have you tried the Ciate or Primark sets? What were your thoughts?

What’s On My Nails Wednesday – 26th March

Today’s post is the start of a new series thought up by Paige from Paige’s Preferences. I change my nail colour every week (mainly because it chips off within a few days), and this series is a good opportunity to show off my favourite colours and to be nosy and see what other people are wearing on their nails!



I don’t usually wear false nails, and this Fingrs set had been lurking in the back of my cupboard for years. But, as I went to a charity ball last week I thought it would be a good excuse to get them out. As they’re a short style they didn’t need much reshaping or filing, and fitted my nails perfectly. I used Boots nail glue which has held them on amazingly well, and I’ll definitely be using it again next time. Unfortunately, they’re pretty impractical for my job and I’ll have to take them off soon – so I’ll be back to nail varnish for next weeks post!

Guest Post on HiFashion

Being a lazy blogger (slap on the wrist!) I haven’t done a proper post this week, but make sure you have a look at the guest post I did for for HiFashion last week – My OOTD for Sunday 9th March.



And have a read of her post on Summer Outfits below!

My Summer Outfit – Guest Post by HiFashion

Hi guys, Sherin from HiFashion here. I’m really excited to be posting on Emily’s blog today.

For me, Summer is all about just relaxing in the sun. I prefer Spring/Summer clothes to Autumn/Winter, and love being in fun and floaty outfits. I feel you can be a lot more carefree with your outfits for the warmer weather. I find that I’m more colourful and experimental with my fashion in the Summer too! The last few days have seen the sun peeking out slightly, so I’ve been getting out all my Summer dresses and preparing all my looks for when the heat really comes in.

So, what will I be wearing this Summer?


A fun and printed dress is the starting point to all my Summer looks. I love a good flowy dress in bright colours. I always avoid them in the Winter, but flock towards them in the Summer. And obviously a pair of wedges – wedges are definitely my favourite type of shoe. They have all the glam of heels, with none of the pain.

In terms of make up, I like to keep it natural as I feel like I’m melting in the sun if I have too much on in the heat. Red lipstick is a must though. I never leave the house without red lipstick – it just makes every look a bit more special.

To finalise, I always add some jewellery. I love statement pieces of jewellery – they’re always great for any look – be it a simple dress, or something for a party. I love stacked bracelets and large rings particularly!

What will you guys be wearing this Summer?

Sherin xx


Essex Bloggers Meet-up – Crown Street

Last week fellow blogger Haydn Squibb ( and the lovely people of Crown Street arranged an exclusive shopping evening for us lucky Essex bloggers. Tucked down this little side street are stylish boutiques, salons and of course, Mr. Essex’s famous shop- Fusey. Some of the shops had kindly stayed open later so we could have a wander round, and I thought I’d share two of my favourites!

The French Quarter is a homeware, gifts and general knick-knack shop which sells products not only from overseas but from local artists. Despite being a small boutique, every surface is adorned with handmade cards, candles, jewellery and more. Rather than bog standard shelves and rails, the products are displayed on gorgeous pieces of furniture which are available to buy and order.

French Quarter

French Quarter

French Quarter

One of the newer additions to Crown Street is Petit Cherubs - every little girls dream shop. It boasts possibly the most stylish children’s outfits in Essex and is crammed with tutus, bows and sparkles. Perfect for gifts, this adorable boutique offers edgy alternatives to plain high street clothes. 

crown street

These hidden gems are definitely worth a visit if you’re in the Essex area, or click here to visit the Crown Street website for more information. Many thanks to Haydn and the people of Crown Street for organising the event!


Dealing with Rosacea and Acne

Rosacea and Acne are two skin conditions I’ve struggled with since my teenage years. Whereas Acne is a common teen problem which most of us have probably experienced, Rosacea usually affects middle aged and older people. Symptoms vary from frequent blushing to -in my case- permanent redness on the face. Both are treated similarly and over the years, I’ve leant which products are the best to use and tried many treatments for both.


  • See your doctor if you have chronic Acne or Rosacea. They can prescribe gels, creams and low dose antibiotics to fight infections and calm inflammations.
  • Dermalex is a new company that offers products for a range of skin conditions, including Rosacea, which are available to buy at local pharmacists such as Lloyds (UK). The breakthrough technology in their creams can help reduce both redness and dryness. Click here to visit their website for more information and to buy their products.
  • Laser treatment may be recommended by a dermatologist, but can be expensive. I started my course of laser treatment on Monday, and am excited to see the results. I have only chosen this treatment though, as a last resort. All other creams and gels failed to work on my skin, and the NHS gave up trying to find other ways of treating it.


  • Make sure any products you put on your face are as mild as possible. I would recommend Simple skincare as it has no harsh chemicals and is gentle on the skin. Monitor your skin for flare-ups if you change skincare products.
  • Cold and hot weather, spicy foods, stress and exersice are all known to trigger flare-ups of Rosacea. Use a high SPF when exposing your skin to the sun, and try to pick a foundation which already has SPF included.
  • Put that that Real Techniques brush down! I found my acne cleared much quicker when I applied my make-up using my fingers rather than a brush. Bacteria can linger on unclean brushes and if – like me- you don’t have time to clean your brushes everyday, this can get spread back onto your face, causing breakouts.
  • Take your make-up off properly. Especially when wearing thick, high coverage foundations, make-up wipes just wont cut it. Don’t sleep in your make-up, and wear it for as little time as possible to let your skin breathe.

Covering It Up

  • Although high coverage make-up is not the best thing to put on acne prone skin, it is essential for covering redness, especially when you’re extra conscious of it. My favourite high-coverage foundation is Estée Lauder’s Double Wear, and for concealer I use Seventeen’s Phwoarr Paint.
  • Clinique is a brand well-known for its roots with dermatology, so it’s products are specifically suited to an individuals skin type and needs. It’s Acne Solutions and Redness Solutions ranges include both make-up and skincare, which is specifically targeted at caring for and treating each of these problems. One of the most effective products from the range for covering up is the Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base. It’s a primer with an SPF of 15, but is green coloured – which cancels out red tones. Just make sure it’s blended in well!

DSCF8455 DSCF8454

Do you have any tips or tricks for treating Acne or Rosacea? What are your favourite high coverage products?


Boots Offers Haul

When popping into Boots to pick up some bits I’d run out of, I found that everything I wanted was on offer – result! As ignoring a 3 for 2 offer is surely a crime, I picked up a few extra treats as well…

John Frieda – 3 for £10

frieda edited

John Frieda is nearing the more expensive end of Boots haircare, and I think for this reason, this offer totally baffled me. The shampoo and conditioner are each £5.99, and my poor friend had to try and explain the offer to me several times (“but that means I get something else…for free?!”). Being an artificial blonde, John Frieda’s  Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting range stops my hair from looking brassy and keeps it both light in colour and shiny at the same time. I also picked up the John Frieda leave-in conditioner spray, which makes hair super silky and soft, and targets areas prone to splitting and breaking.

Seventeen – 3 for 2

seventeen edited

Having problem skin, the words ‘heavy duty’ and ‘concealer’ make me pretty excited (worryingly). Although Seventeen’s Phwoarr Paint is designed for covering under eye circles, it works equally well on other blemishes. Thick and long lasting, this is a product I know I’ll keep repurchasing. The Instant Glow bronzing powder isn’t highly shimmery, and is a medium brown which doesn’t leave cheeks looking muddy. Thirdly, I chose the Gel Colour nail varnish in ‘Azure Amore‘ in an effort to embrace Spring and shake off the darker colours of Winter. It has a smooth, even formula and is as long lasting as it advertises.

Simple – 3 for 2

simple edited

Simple’s Cleansing Lotion is great at removing make-up but also keeping skin soft and moisturised. The Deep Cleansing Face Mask and Smoothing Facial Scrub get rid of dead skin cells and deeper impurities. Simple products are known for being gentle enough even for sensitive skin types, so no nasty reactions or side effects.



I also picked up the new Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara at the reduced price of £4.99, which I am yet to try. I love the original Scandaleyes mascara so have high hopes for this new edition!